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PHOTOGRApher AND MAKE - UP ARTIST                            

So surprise that I'm also photographer to help you precious saving moments.
  • Outdour photographer
  • Film studio photographer
  • Profile/ business photographer
  • Events and Wedding photographer
  • Make - up artist as demands


I'm confident to be your expert in personal branding that help to make you where dreams come true.
  • Define and identify personal desires.
  • Creatively Create and design strategic plan
  • Process during the campaigns
  • Back up and record 


My love and desires in my childhood was collecting a lot of books and saving in my room. And my first book that has been published in 2016 is "1001 jobs for modern women - key to success".
Published in 2016, the book has been receiving tons of positive feedback and thanking notes from readers around the world.
In my book, I just explained the inevitable role of women in my modern perspective. I wrote in details and indicated a host of references to support my statements.
What makes this book outstanding is it comes from an oriental idea and a woman in a nation that is thriving to stand out to the world. In such a small country, the vision becomes more objective and closer to the region’s lifestyle.

"1001 jobs for modern women - key to success"

The book has approached international readers with the presence of it in national libraries around Asia. That proves the author’s points are applicable and effective in real life.

Reading the book, you will open your eyes to the infinitive ability women have but somewhat concealed in forms of housekeeping skills, beauty, appropriate speech, and moral conduct.

The book will help you explore yourself and reach beyond what you never expected before what you can do. There are unbelievable points of view that will impress right from the start.